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We’re thrilled to announce the launching of The CMC Leadership Project in the fall of 2018. The CMC Leadership Project is a statewide program designed to invest in our volunteer trip leaders and school instructors and recognize them for all their hard work. Together, our leaders take our nearly 6,500 members on over 3,000 outings annually and teach over 3,200 members in our schools. Our volunteers create a community of responsible outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado. The CMC wants to give back by providing opportunities for training and skill development to volunteers to support and appreciate our leaders, building capacity in the CMC. You can learn more about The CMC Leadership Project here:

The first opportunity available to our members as part of the Leadership Project is the Alpine Ambassadors Ice Climbing Mentorship Camp In January 2019. This is an opportunity for those with less ice experience to learn technique and push your lead grades with some of our most experienced ice climbing volunteers in Ouray, CO. The Ouray trip is scheduled for January 10-14, and is designed for volunteers wanting to expand their ice skills.

We’re also excited to co-host this trip with The Mountaineers from Washington, who will be bringing their own group of ambassadors! It will be a unique chance for participants to climb with members from other groups of the CMC and from our partner club in Washington!

We invite you to apply for this winter’s Alpine Ambassadors ice climbing mentorship camp. The program will help you develop more advanced ice climbing skills on challenging terrain with support from each other and skilled volunteers. Volunteers from all groups are invited to participate in this innovative, aspirational program, which seeks to infuse The CMC with deeper skills and inspiration to give back.

If you’re a volunteer who is excited about advancing your skills and perpetuating the spirit of mentorship in The CMC, we encourage you to apply.  Cultivating an inclusive leadership is central to The CMC focus on advancing equity. We believe a diverse and inclusive environment inspires unity, respect, and passion for our work and one another. We’re interested in hearing from people who can work with colleagues of varied experience and diverse backgrounds. We strongly encourage women, people of color, and LGBTQ members to apply. We also hope that group leaders encourage a strong applicant pool from their group.



  • This group is focused on moving into leading steep ice, and to be eligible for Ouray you should be comfortable leading Alpine Ice 2-3 and have experience leading on rock.
  • You should be a Basic Ice and Technical Ice class graduate or equivalent
  • You will need a written letter of reference from someone at your group who can speak to your climbing skills or history as a volunteer.

We will take all eligible applicants and make selections based on climbing experience, goals, and vision for how this program will help you give back to The CMC community. We anticipate more qualified applicants than we have capacity, and we will strive to invite a cohort that represents a highly motivated, diverse group from all groups.

Participants for each program will be selected by a committee comprised of ice climbing mentors.




  • Recent history of volunteerism within The CMC
  • Relevant climbing skills and experience
  • Desire to use this experience to further your leadership within The CMC
  • CMC References


Apply Here BEFORE 11/16 DEADLINE:





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