April RIMS Review

With our Recreation Impact Monitoring System (RIMS) mobile app, users can record trail data when they’re out recreating and help land managers care for the land. Use your phone to report trail maintenance needs, inventory campsites, track visitor use, and more. That data goes directly to land managers so they can prioritize hot spots and deploy crews to work on trail issues.

We held a giveaway this April to get more users registered and had 34 new users sign up, which brings us to a total of 809 users. In total, 4,456 assessments have been completed, with 76 in the month of April. 32% of the assessments were completed about trails, 31% about visitor use, 29% about campsites, 8% about signs and facilities, and less than 1% about stewardship.

Congratulations to our April giveaway winners: Matt B., Sterling M., Stephanie D., Andy P., Henry A., and Andy G.! Thank you for downloading the RIMS app and helping to improve Colorado’s public lands with your assessments.

We’ll be giving away a CMC prize pack each month to one lucky active user, so make sure that you use RIMS while you’re out on the trails this spring and summer.

To get started with RIMS:

  1. Visit www.cmc.org/RIMS and download the RIMS app to your smartphone for free.
  2. Watch the quick online training video and take the volunteer quiz.
  3. Go for a hike and start doing assessments!

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