ASU Cares Day

The CMC Stewardship Team and the Monte Vista BLM participated on Saturday, Sept. 10 in the 2016 ASU Cares Day, which is a day that Adams State University dedicates to completing various volunteer projects throughout the San Luis Valley.

ASU Cares Day 4

For our project, the Stewardship Team partnered with the ASU men’s lacrosse team to help mitigate sedimentation in the Rio Grande River. The multiple dry stream beds scattered throughout the Rio Grande Natural Area are a perfect gateway for sediment to flow directly into the river during flash floods, which results in high sedimentation. In order to mitigate this, the Stewardship Team and the lacrosse team moved large rocks and boulders to build a dam across a particularly wide section of the stream bed. This large dam will slow down the energy of the water, allowing it to drop the sediment it carries. It will also encourage more plant growth upstream to help catch the sediment. The players also aided our seeding efforts, where we dispersed Indian Rice grass upstream of already existing dams to help increase plant growth. Lastly, we also completed the construction of a road crossing.

While the work was tough, the lacrosse team kept great attitudes and worked hard to accomplish the project goals. It was a very productive day and everyone left the site with a sense of accomplishment. We are extremely grateful for their help and wish them the best of luck in their lacrosse season! Go Grizzlies!

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