Bryce Canyon: A Unique Winter Adventure Idea

Bored with downhill skiing? Looking for a different way to enjoy winter? A CMC Adventure Trip just returned from Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah. We caught up with them to learn how they enjoyed this brilliant trip idea. Here’s what we found.

Why Bryce Canyon In The Winter?


Bryce Canyon National Park is home to Hoodoos and Stone Forests. The unique geography makes it very popular in the summer. The rust colored sandstone screams southwest USA. But, in the winter these unique features make it spectacular when the snow lands. The winter sun during sunrise and sunset coming through the hoodoos and canyons is wonderful. During the day, the bright sun glistens off the snowy fields. Animal tracks in the snow betray their nocturnal foraging. We love how the open landscape brightens the day. It really makes the most of the short winter days. So, the group went to Bryce this winter to experience a unique winter wonderland.


A Fresh Tracks Perspective On Skiing

If resort skiing is getting routine, and your not ready to tackle a trip like Switzerland Ski Touring, Bryce Canyon offers another fantastic option. It’s not a backcountry skiing destination per se. But when there’s snow in the open valleys, cross-country and skate skiing are great ways to cover lots of ground. And, for some of us, shifting from the pounding of downhill skiing to the muscle fatigue from x-country is most welcome. The promise of new trails and crossing over to a new sport recharges our batteries. Luckily, Joanne knew where and when to go for the park’s best trails, even when they’re covered with fresh snow.

Beat The Crowds

It seems like skiing at resorts always has lines, even on the roads. This group skipped those lines. They also avoided the crowds that swamp Bryce Canyon during the summer. Sounds like they had the park pretty much to themselves. The solitude in the park was a great complement to the winter solstice.

Perfect Timing: Wintertime


The park is open in the winter, anyone can go and enjoy the park. But an experienced Trip Leader like CMC’s Joanne Young used a photographer to find perfect spots to capture the light over the hoodoos. You could hike for weeks and not find the right place. Look at the pictures above and you can see how geography has made Bryce Canyon famous.

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