Colorado High Peaks Announced: 14er Inspired

Inspiration from the 14ers

by Zach Eiten

            Growing up I had always admired the mountaineers of old times and was determined to follow in their footsteps someday.  It wasn’t until after college that I really got into the outdoors aside from car camping. 

Then in 2015, my family invited me on a hike up Mt. Bierstadt. Upon seeing the views from the summit I was hooked! I loved everything about it; the physical challenge, the natural beauty, and the experience as a whole. From that point forward, completing the 14ers became a major goal for me.  It was this goal that brought me to the CMC, drove me to learn new skills, and broaden my outdoor interests all as a means to this singular end that is climbing the 14ers.  I can really attribute everything I have accomplished in the outdoors thus far to my drive to complete the 14ers. As I progressed from the easy 14ers to the harder ones I also progressed my climbing, mountaineering, and skiing skills. 

Aside from enjoying the outdoors more, the 14ers allowed me to experience my home state in such a profound way.  When I think back to all the back roads I’ve driven, small towns visited, and the vast expanses of Colorado, I am humbled to have experienced so much. Everything that drives me in the outdoors and all my experiences thus far are thanks, in a large part, to the inspiration the 14ers gave me to set me down this path. Take the plunge and go see the views for yourself, who knows where the experience will take you!

See for yourself!

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