Hike and Help Our Youth Education Program Expand to Colorado Springs

The Colorado Mountain Club’s Youth Education Program (YEP) is looking to expand to Colorado Springs, and you have a chance to help make it happen. Executive Director Keegan Young and Pikes Peak Group member and State Council Chair Glenn Barr are leading a fundraising Backpacking Section (BPX) trip on Segment 28 of the Colorado Trail in August. Trip participants are asked to make a meaningful contribution to this project. “Meaningful” can be any amount as determined by each participant.

YEP ignites a connection to the outdoors for Colorado youth by providing opportunities for active learning through experiential and adventure education. Our program inspires the next generation of leaders, recreationalists, and environmental stewards by fostering enthusiastic, self-aware learners who engage in their community and strive toward both collaborative and independent goals. We are excited and hopeful to bring adventure camps, family events, and school and group activities to the Colorado Springs area.

Segment 28 is one of the most diverse segments of the Colorado Trail with an elevation gain of 1,897 and a loss of 6,557, and you’ll be able to share the experience with Keegan and Glenn. Due to the duration of this trip, all registrants should have experience and suitable conditioning.

BPX is a community of backpackers who respect, trust, help each other, and honor our commitments. With a wide variety of trips planned for both beginning and experienced hikers, this active section frequently hosts trips all over the state. To learn more about the BPX section and to “join the pack,” visit https://cmcdenver.org/specialinterests/denver-backpacking-section-bpx.

Learn more about the Colorado Trail hike at https://cmc.org/Calendar/EventDetails.aspx?ID=53294.

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