Conservation Minute

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In today’s polarized society, natural resources have become the battleground for issues such as government size, national budget, arms control, and land ownership.  With a constant barrage of escalating negative news, it can seem like we will never reach a place of cooperation and forward momentum.  But collaboration does exist.  Here are four examples of entities where people are championing vital issues together:

  1. The Sustainable Forest Alliance – A Colorado entity comprising timber, conservation, recreation, and political representatives, it discusses how forestry can be implemented in a sustainable, synergistic way.
  2. The Vail Pass Task Force – Facilitated by the USFS, and made up of local business owners and conservation and recreation organizations, it utilizes feedback from the community to manage multiple use access on Vail Pass.
  3. The Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee Hearing – During a hearing on new power plant emissions standards set by the EPA, four republican former EPA administrators testified to the conclusiveness of climate warming caused by human activity.
  4. The Colorado Mountain Club – Comprised of motorized enthusiasts and die-hard backpackers, conservative and liberal voters, fire suppression devotees and wilderness designation advocates, the CMC bridges the gap in natural resources.

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