Denali Dispatch #12: Bivy at 19,150′

by Jason Kolaczkowski
CMC Denali Trip Leader

Wednesday 06-17-2015
Camp “Extra” (19,150′)

We just didn’t move fast enough to push all the way to the summit. We ended up using a running belay for almost all of the snow sections, as the runout of a fall would not have been pretty. So, that really slowed us down.

However, we did carry over our entire 16,300′ Camp, so we had plenty of gear to make a night of it at 19k without being too uncomfortable. It’s the highest I’ve ever slept, and I don’t feel too bad. Here’s the from our camp looking well down on the 17,200′ Camp on the Buttress.

With a change in circumstance comes another adjustment. We are 1100′ vertical from the summit. Full on water and ready to go. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be even better than today. It’s in reach, now.


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