Denali Dispatch #3: Totally Socked In

by Jason Kolaczkowski
CMC Denali Trip Leader

Tuesday 06-09-2015
Camp 1

Totally socked in today. We’ve had very low visibility and a foot or more of snow. This has been my view most of the day.

We’ve been careful to stay hydrated, which is sometimes harder in camp when you aren’t purposefully stopping every thirty minutes for a drink.

There is a chance for a small break in weather Wednesday morning that may allow us to move to Camp 2. But it’s 50/50.

A bigger front moves in Wednesday PM and will keep us stationary wherever we are until late on Friday. After that, we should finally have a good window for four to five days where we can progress up the mountain.

In the meantime, we melt a lot of snow, knock snow off of our tents, and dig out our gear as it gets buried. It keeps you busy but gets a bit monotonous.

Oh well. Patience. We’ll be moving soon enough. And we’ll be a bit lighter after eating several days of food.


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