Denali Dispatch #4: Big Storm Coming

by Jason Kolaczkowski
CMC Denali Team Leader

Wednesday 06-10-2015
Camp 1

Still no movement. The snow, while light, hasn’t really stopped since Sunday night. The route to Camp 2 is no longer self-evident as wands and tracks have been swallowed by the snow, and visibility has been measured in feet.

Knowing we are about to sit out 48 more hours of a more severe storm We spent the morning reinforcing our camp: making snow walls and a kitchen.

Before the big storm moves in, we made a “comfort” mealĀ  knowing soon an outdoor kitchen will be unworkable. We made bean and beef burritos, with cheese and Spanish rice. The “real” food really did lift our spirits. The photo is of our group meal.

So, we sit tight until Friday night / Saturday morning and hope for conditions that let us find the route.


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