Denali Dispatch #6: Making Up Time

by Jason Kolaczkowski
CMC Denali Trip Leader

Friday 06-12-2015
Camp 3 (11,000′)

What was going to be an easy day turned into a big day, as we sensed a chance to make up some time.

We did the 1,000′ vertical from Camp 2 to Camp 3. Then two of us stayed to set camp and cache stuff we won’t need until we are heading down and off the mountain. Four of us headed up to 13,500′ (shy of Camp 4 at 14,200′) and cached stuff we’ll need on the upper mountain.

We still have a lot of gear with us in Camp 3, given our route choice demanding two separate high camps. So we’ll see how people are feeling in the morning before deciding if we should move camp or make it a rest day.

At least we can anticipate weather not being too big an issue for a few days. We were lucky to be able to move the last two days on the lower mountain when the upper mountain was too cold and windy to do much.

Here’s what Camp 3 looks like from above, as we returned from our 13,500′ cache.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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