Denali Dispatch #8: Rest Day

by Jason Kolaczkowski
CMC Denali Trip Leader

Sunday 2015 06-14
Camp 4

Change of plan. Or, should I say, “back to the original plan.”

The National Weather Service is saying bad weather is moving in Tuesday. They use macro-forecasts for a wide area and then people interpret them for the mountain. Our weather guy, Chris, used micro-forecasts for our specific mountain. He’s saying Monday is beautiful, Tuesday is increasing winds up to 30mph, and Wednesday is diminishing winds going down to 10-12mph.

So, Wednesday is the best summit day. Tuesday, we’ll move to high Camp 5 on the Rib (where we should be shielded somewhat from the wind as the summit will deflect winds from the north. Monday we’ll cache our high Camp 6 at 17,000′ on the Buttress to be used on our return from the summit. Here is a view of tomorrow’s route.

That means today was an all-out rest day! We had breakfast burritos with bacon in the morning and pizza pockets for dinner. And with a full day to just talk with other climbers and go visit the “Edge of the World,” we are feeling replenished.

Things are looking very possible. It all hinges on the weather forecast, now.


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