Five Reasons to Hike the Dolomites with the Colorado Mountain Club

Idealistic Italian vistas under the Dolomites

Imagine sharing a cappuccino with the towering spires of the Dolomites. Imagine discovering historical treasures by day such as Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and the preserved body of Otzi, the prehistoric iceman. Imagine visiting antique churches dating from the Middle Ages, battlefields of World War I and staying in luxurious hotels and refugios with delicious food. Welcome to the Dolomites, the natural wonder of Northern Italy, where Italian style meets some of Europe’s most extraordinary mountain scenery. If you enjoy world-class hiking with a touch of style, you don’t want to miss the Colorado Mountain Club’s trip to the heart of the Dolomites. From the fashionable streets of Milan to the rustic alleys of Corvara, we’ll explore the best of Northern Italy in this exciting tour. Here are five reasons to hike the Dolomites with the Colorado Mountain Club.

World Class Hiking – Discover a Unique Landscape

The Dolomites are like no where else in the world. Soaring towers rise above a lush Italian landscape, where the livestock of antique farms still graze in the fields below. With lift and gondola accessed trails, there’s no better way to get up high quickly and enjoy 360-degree views of the surrounding vista. We’ll walk across high ridges, explore the alpine towers around Val Gardena, and explore sanctuaries and ancient churches. There may even be time to try out the Via Ferrata, where we’ll take our trip to soaring new heights by harnessing up and following a course of ladders and cables to traverse the thrilling high rock walls. Experience a Dolomites classic, starting from the valley floor to the dizzying walls, with expert guides.

Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’

Historical Treasures – Explore Artistic and Archeological Marvels

What is Italy without its art, architecture, or historical treasures? From Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Last Supper in Milan, to stunning examples of medieval and Renaissance architecture to the holy houses and sanctuaries, everywhere you look you are surrounded by centuries of history. We’ll start in Milan where we’ll have a tour of the spindly duomo, the Milanese cathedral that dominates the city. Inside are works of art by such famed masters as Michelangelo. We’ll then get to see da Vinci’s The Last Supper and learn about its turbulent history and how it’s miraculously survived today. On our way north, we’ll pay a visit to Otzi the iceman, a prehistoric hunter / gatherer who died under mysterious circumstances and was discovered in the glacier by two mountaineers. We’ll learn about the fascinating history of his life and his discovery.

Delicious Northern Italian Cuisine
Photo Christine Siracusa

Food – Wine and Dine the Best of Italian Cuisine

If there is any reason to be in Italy, it’s for the food. From pasta, to pizza, to fine wine and beer, we’ll discover the best of Italy’s Northern Cuisine. Because of it’s proximity to the border of Austria and Switzerland, expect a delightful cross between Italian and Germany styles. In Milan, one of Italy’s culture capitals, we’ll get to experience high Italian dining at it’s very best, while in the north, the cuisine takes on a more rustic appeal, with meats, vegetables, and carb-heavy dishes to supplement the meal. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without wine, and we’ll get to experience some of the most classic vineyards in the country. After we’re done hiking for the day we’ll get to experience warm meals and the warm company of our companions and our hosts.

Luxurious Accommodations – A Warm Bed and Shower to Come Home To

Set at the heart of Corvara, Sporthotel Panorama combines traditional and contemporary style into luxurious lodging, which makes for an excellent home away from home when we come back from a long day on the trail. With an ever-changing seasonal menu and stylish settings, you’ll get to enjoy a new twist on Italian classics. In Milan we’ll stay at the iH Milano Ambasciatori hotel, set in the city center where we’ll have access to the local sites, shopping, restaurants, and attractions of Italy’s fashionable city. We always have a bed and a warm shower to come back to after the long day out! You won’t find a better combination of wilderness and luxury!

Stunning Alpine Lakes in the Dolomites
Photo Joshua Earle

New Friends and Adventure Partners – Make Friends from Colorado and Around the World

Share the experience with fellow Coloradans and avid adventurers! The Dolomites feature some of the worlds greatest hiking routes, attracting adventurers and visitors from around the world. Not only do we get to share the experience with our fellow Colorado Mountain Club members, but we’re also at one of Europe’s crossroads between Italy, Switzerland and Austria, where we’ll get to experience a combination of new friends, culture, food, and world-class adventuring. It’s a great way to make lasting memories and new friends that’ll last far past our Dolomites adventure.

You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind adventure to the heart of Northern Italy and the area that’s bred generations of legendary adventurers. The Dolomites feature soaring trails and magnificent far-reaching vistas, which will take your breath away as we combine the best of luxurious accommodations, great food, new friends, and historical treasures. Join the Colorado Mountain Club for this unforgettable trip from September 5 – 15 2019!

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