How You Can Help Fix Our National Parks


by Conservation Director Julie Mach

In Colorado, our 13 national park sites showcase the unique outdoor spaces, culture and history that define our state. But despite their importance to Colorado’s economy and our natural and cultural heritage, our national park sites are in trouble.

Across the U.S., a backlog of $11.9 billion of infrastructure repairs has piled up at national park sites. In Colorado, there is more than $203 million of needed repairs, including roads, bridges and tunnels. From Rocky Mountain National Park to Mesa Verde, access and safety are compromised and historic sites go without crucial restoration.


As we celebrate the NPS’ 100th anniversary, Congress needs to step up and better fund our unique system of national parks. America needs to maintain its leadership in park stewardship, and Congress can do so by supporting guaranteed federal funding to address the infrastructure repair backlog within the National Park System—in Colorado and across the country.

Contact our senators, Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet, at and let them know that you support guaranteed funding to fix our parks. To contact your congressmember, visit and enter your zip code. Please share the need to #FixOurParks in your favorite social media. Let’s keep the exploration, education, culture and adventure of Colorado’s amazing outdoor and cultural heritage going strong today and for future generations!

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