Mountain Fest 2017 Schedule Announced!

Announcing Mountain Fest 2017’s full event line-up! Choose from nine skill-building clinics that will help you reach your goals in the outdoors. Join us in Golden on Saturday, March 25 from 12 – 4 pm.

Clinic Options:

Basic Outdoor Essentials with Brunton and Primus – a compass and gear demo clinic with a focus on basic map and compass skills

Wild Animal Encounters and Safety in the Mountains – bear, moose, mountain lions, mosquitoes, ticks — the low down on how to deal with animal encounters in the backcountry

Climbing Colorado’s 14ers – a beginner’s guide gear use, climbing techniques, route selection and avalanche safety for springtime 14er summits in the Rockies

Wilderness Navigation – techniques and tools for finding your way in the wild

Wilderness First Aid Practice Scenario – a life-like simulation of an emergency backcountry scenario

Adidas: How to Properly Fit and Purchase Footwear – a look at the details and importance of fitting athletic footwear

Know Before You Go: Avalanche Education – an introduction to the destructive power of avalanches, when and why they happen, and how to avoid dangerous terrain

Basic Mountaineering School: Rock Self Rescue – a lesson in crag emergencies demonstrating the use of a 3:1 and 5:1 haul system to raise an incapacitated climber

Highlights of Adventure Travel Trips Around the World – a travel intro to inspiring mountain destinations around the world


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