Sharpening the Ax

Every big climb starts with fitness. I’m as big into logistics and planning as any climber, probably more so; but in the end, your body must be able to execute the plan. You cannot see sunrises like the one I … Continued

Conservation Minute

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In today’s polarized society, natural resources have become the battleground for issues such as government size, national budget, arms control, and land ownership.  With a constant barrage of escalating negative news, it can seem like we will never reach a place … Continued

Summer Camp for Adults

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Ahh, summer is here!  I have such fond memories of summertime and many of them include my weeks at camp: Hiking trails and peaks, sharing great food with fellow campers, singing and telling stories around the campfire.  These are all … Continued

A Call to Climbing

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In the summer of 1972, my father was living in Longmont, Colorado, and in his first job out of graduate school. After weekends getting his East Coast body used to life at altitude, he and a group of friends left … Continued

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