Remembering Long Time CMC Member David Robertson

Long-time Colorado Mountain Club Member David Robertson Has Passed Away

The Colorado Mountain Club is deeply saddened to announce the passing of beloved Colorado Mountain Club Trip Leader and ardent supporter, David Robertson.

David, born 1934 in East Orange, New Jersey, was a rock-climbing instructor for the club, where he met Janet, his future wife in 1953.

“During the next two summers, David and I made many rock climbs and backpacks together, returning to our schools in the fall.” Recalled Janet to Trail & Timberline in 2011.

The two travelled extensively, climbing Kilimanjaro in 1995 and travelling to New Zealand in 2005 with CMC Adventure Travel.

David was a passionate mountaineer and rock climber that shared enthusiasm and knowledge with generations of CMC members.

With the CMC, he and Janet also took up cross-country skiing.

“David and I had negotiated snow wearing clumsy army-surplus boots and cut-down skis with cable bindings. However, after Ingvar’s lessons (an engineering student at the University of Colorado), we realized that what we thought was skiing, was almost unrelated to what Norwegians did.”

David was a member of the Colorado Mountain Club for 67 years. In addition to his dedicated time with the club, he was a staunch supporter of the Youth Education Program, Conservation, and the American Mountaineering Museum through the years.

He will be fondly remembered by the club that he contributed so much to, and dearly missed by his family, friends, and colleagues at the Colorado Mountain Club.

The Colorado Mountain Club has sent a flower arrangement on behalf of the organization.

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