Say Hello to the 2016 Stewardship Team!


The Colorado Mountain Club’s Conservation Department is excited to introduce the 2016 Stewardship Team. The Team is an active group of eager and enthusiastic conservation professionals that make informed decisions and impactful measures that directly correlate with some of Colorado’s biggest conservation issues and concerns. The Team also engages the public in volunteer projects which are based in unique and beautiful locations state-wide. The Stewardship Team will be hosting volunteer projects throughout the season and encourage anyone interested to check for project locations, sign-up, and updates.

This season CMC has three field-based employees currently participating in an extensive training period that is focused on enhancing their technical trail skills and conservation leadership strategies. After completion of their training at the end of May, the Stewardship Team will work with public land management agencies, nonprofits, and volunteers on a wide variety of conservation projects all across the state of Colorado.

Come back to our blog to see updates of the 2016 Stewardship Teams happenings throughout the season.



Now, meet the 2016 Team:

Morgan Anderson

Born in Upstate NY but hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Morgan left the Queen City behind after completing a BA in Urban Economic Geography from the University of Cincinnati. She was able to apply her knowledge of sustainable environmental practices when she took a seasonal position with the Southwest Conservation Corps as a crew member based in Great Sand Dunes National Park. Morgan’s passion and understanding for habitat restoration, trail construction and maintenance, volunteer management, and marketing has only grown during the pilot season of CMC’s Stewardship Team in 2015. Back for another year, Morgan plans to further develop her professional expertise, increase community involvement, and spread CMC’s vision, mission, and values across Colorado’s many recreational areas through increased support and collaboration.


Reghan Gillman

Reghan Bio Pic

A proud Texan at heart, Reghan left the Lone Star state for an opportunity to spend more time outdoors while completing her studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. After spending a semester interning with the Forest Service at the Boulder Ranger District, Reghan became interested in public land management and trail stewardship, and she knew CMC’s Stewardship Team would be an amazing opportunity to learn more. Graduating with a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science, Reghan is ready to give back to the state that has given her countless of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.


Mike England

ST Bio Photo of Mike

Growing up in Colorado, Mike has spent much of his time exploring the Colorado rockies. Not wanting to leave the state, he attended the University of Colorado and graduated with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During his time at the University he became passionate about conservation while on a volunteer trip to Panama. After graduating, Mike obtained a job in Southeast Georgia conducting sea turtle conservation. As soon as that job came to an end he rushed right back to Colorado. Mike decided that the CMC’s Stewardship Team would be a great opportunity to carry on his passion for conservation while being able to live in the state he loves.


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