Scale the Ice

You’ve seen it in movies and magazines; but you have yet to experience the thrill for yourself. Why? You are an adventure junkie, so isn’t it time to reach new heights and try ice climbing? Ice climbing is great for rock climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. It is the perfect exhilarating winter sport. So don’t put off climbing till spring, do it this winter…ON ICE!


Ice climbing is an adventure that can take many forms. It can be anything from hiking up a slippery, steep slope to scaling a giant frozen waterfall. Climbers use crampons, picks and ropes to ascend dicey, treacherous surfaces. Like rocks, ice can have many forms. In order to successfully get up, you must properly assess the ice and then determine the best technique. Some of the techniques are similar to those in rock climbing; which makes it a logical winter sport for rock enthusiasts.

So you love the backcountry and spend as much time as possible out there. But have you ever come to a wall, maybe an ice wall, which you couldn’t scale? Are you prepared for everything? Winter months in the backcountry are as unpredictable as the weatherman getting the forecast right. You never know what to expect and it is important to be prepared for anything. By understanding the beauty and dangers of ice, you will be better prepared for your next big journey. Be equipped to take on any ice feature that stands in your way by taking a course today.


If you already have belay experience and basic rock knowledge, the CMC has a fun ice climbing course for you! Learn how to scale waterfalls with other rock enthusiasts through a 2 day Basic Ice Climbing course. Day 1 will be held in a classroom in order to discuss gear and basic techniques. Day 2 is the field day. Don’t worry; we have a climbing wall to get practice on before heading out for the real deal. Prepare for cold weather and an exhilarating escapade as this course takes you to new heights in the middle of a Colorado winter.

The CMC instructors are veterans and are eager to share their passion with others. Meet instructor Bill Haneghan. Bill originally got into ice climbing because he “wanted to be ready to navigate any terrain encountered, any time of the year.” He is zealous about ice climbing and has been with the CMC for 10 years. So put your cup of hot chocolate down and experience ice in a whole new way this winter with Bill.

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