Top 10 Perks of Being a Stewardship Volunteer

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10. Guided travel to new places and trails around the state

9. Becoming “one with the trail” by absorbing 10% of the dirt you move in your skin, hair and clothes

8. Meeting and building friendships with a new group of like-minded outdoorsmen and women

7. Trail games and riddles

6. Curling up in your sleeping bag after a long day of work

5. Crisp mornings, hot days, rainy afternoons and cool evenings in the outdoors

4. Not-too-close encounters with bear, elk, moose, pika and other incredible wildlife

3. Learning about the surrounding natural resources from land management agency professionals

2. Not showering, and not being judged for it

1. Seeing the trail you’ve built, or the fence you’ve installed, or the riparian area you’ve restored, and feeling that sense of pride in knowing that your work is benefiting the users on our public lands while protecting the natural resources that make Colorado so unique.


Gain new skills! Meet new people! Give back to the places where you love to play! As outdoor enthusiasts, it is our responsibility to help maintain and restore our public lands. Join CMC for a fun and educational stewardship project in beautiful areas across the state. Check out the Colorado Mountain Club 2014 Volunteer Stewardship projects and schedule.

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