Wilderness First Responder & Wilderness First Responder Recertification Courses Now Available Through the CMC

We are excited to be offering Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and Wilderness First Responder Recertification (WFR-R) with Backcountry Pulse this fall!

The WFR course is best for individuals who are outdoor instructors and guides, backcountry rangers, or wilderness therapy leaders volunteering or working multi-day to multi-week wilderness trips where medical/extrication equipment is limited, communication methods are spotty, weather and terrain are varied, and medical/rescue support is delayed.

WFR courses focus on:

  • Rescuer, patient, bystander wellbeing and protection
  • Risk mitigation for the environment and activity
  • Ongoing management for environmental threats
  • Spinal stabilization and patient packaging
  • Patient physical exam and patient history
  • Recognition of life threats and stabilization of emergencies
  • Signs/symptoms of medical, traumatic, environmental illnesses and injuries
  • Initiation of appropriate treatments based on assessment
  • Patient monitoring and vital sign patterns
  • Clear/concise verbal report and written documentation
  • Planning, appropriate evacuation methods and patient handoffs

WFR (80 hr training) dates are November 30 – December 12. The course will begin with an evening online session November 30 and take place in-person on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 4–5 and 11–12 with weekday and online offerings between the weekends to complete the 80 hour full WFR.

WFR-R (24 hr training) dates are October 16–17 for two field-days of the 3-day hybrid WFR Recertification. Additional self-paced online portion required prior to the class.

Image credit: Backcountry Pulse

Visit cmc.org/Calendar to see all available WFR, WFR-R, and WFA classes that we have available.

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