Who is the Colorado Mountain Club?

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If you’re not getting involved with the outdoors while you’re in Colorado, either as a tourist or a resident, you’re missing out big time. All outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado would benefit from the services and activities offered by this conservation & recreation group dedicated to assisting in all things outdoorsy. Learn more about The Colorado Mountain Club and what they stand for!

Who The Colorado Mountain Club Is

The Colorado Mountain Club is a team of volunteers who love the mountains, the outdoors, nature, and sharing this passion with other like-minded individuals. They have offered expert, free, educational services to Colorado guests since 1912, so their years of experience and great success with the wilderness speaks volumes for their ability to service the outdoorsmen of Colorado. 

The community that the Colorado Mountain Club has created is a wholesome, enriching environment for nature lovers, hikers, mountain climbers, and other outdoorsy types to come together in celebration of Colorado’s wildlife and mountain range.

Find and connect with the Colorado Mountain Club on social by following their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube channel! You can learn more about their courses, guides, and services on their website in addition to applying to be a volunteer and donating to their cause.

What The Colorado Mountain Club Specializes In

Ultimately, the crew at the Colorado Mountain Club desires to bring people closer with nature and the mountains through a variety of activities and opportunities. Some of the education services they offer are free, but paid memberships can unlock access to even more exciting ways to get involved with the CMC community.


This award-winning group of wildlife advocates engages in a series of Earth-friendly activities and charities to help save the planet while enjoying nature at the same time. Their stewardship with the Southern Rockies has allowed for several rehabilitation projects to succeed and for many partnerships with other conservationist groups to form. The first and foremost goal of this committee is to promote ways to go green and reduce the carbon footprint humans leave on Colorado.


Beyond putting in the work themselves for saving the Earth, the Colorado Mountain Club is determined to spread awareness about major wildlife issues and educate others on the state of the planet and what you can do to help. In addition to this, they also offer several courses for various outdoorsy activities.

The Colorado Mountain Club hosts school groups, adventure camps, family event nights, and several learning courses for adults. Some of the classes you can enroll in include:

  • First-Aid Wilderness Training
  • Backcountry Ski Tours
  • Wilderness trekking

You can also sign up for guided hikes, tours, and trips led by the staff at the Colorado Mountain Club.


Finally, the biggest starpower that the Colorado Mountain Club holds is the many opportunities for recreational fun to be had outside with family and friends. From exciting, year-round events and projects, you can get involved in several adventures during any season. Traveling trips, backpacking, winter camping, and more line their full itinerary of upcoming events and exciting journeys to be called for.

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