Why Take a Colorado Adventure Vacation?

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Colorado is known for the Rocky Mountain range, excellent Southwest cuisine, progressive political scene, and being the best place for a true adventure. For years, daredevils and outdoor enthusiasts have flocked to the mountains in hopes of new experiences, exciting challenges, and beautiful scenery.

With Colorado being one of the best spots to get a true adventure vacation, it’s not surprising that many adventurers get their first start with the Colorado Mountain Club. The CMC spearheads many exciting opportunities for Colorado Adventure Vacations, but also include thrilling trips all around the world.

If you’re still looking for that perfect spot to embark on an adventure, consider Colorado as your destination and experience! There are many reasons why the trails and camping grounds have grown in popularity, with more people turning their compass to the mountains.

4 Reasons Why Colorado Is Perfect For An Adventure Vacation

With the endless opportunities for outdoor fun to be had, Colorado makes a pretty argument on it’s own for why it’s a leading adventure destination for the courageous souls. Many eager tourists have found entertainment through the natural gifts of the Earth in the beautiful Colorado countryside, but these 4 reasons are why a Colorado Adventure Vacation should be high on your bucket list.

1. Backpacking

Guided backpacking tours through the Colorado mountains and other wildlife is a great way to truly appreciate what the state has to offer and see things from a very rustic, traditional viewpoint. Experienced and moderate hikers can enjoy several of the best trails and challenging terrain through backpacking excursions as a group, or set out to enjoy the scenery on their own with helpful resources found at the CMC.

2. Watersports

From rafting, kayaking, swimming, and fishing; Colorado has you covered. Plenty of streams, creeks, and ponds cover the mountain terrain as well as are frequently located close to camp grounds and popular hiking trails or lodges. Several multi-day rafting trips are offered with various levels of difficulty.

3. Mountain Climbing

One of the biggest appeals that Colorado has to offer is, of course, the mountains. Climbing the gorgeous peaks is a must-do item on a list of summits to conquer for any climber, but they also have great opportunities for first-timers and amatuers out on the trail. Another big exciting event to consider is ziplining. Colorado has many spots where you can do this and get a fast-as-lightning thrill zooming through the trail.

4. Camping & Survival

Depending on the time of year you decide to plan your Colorado adventure vacation, you can find tons of camp spots to set up shop for the night. Official camp grounds as well as open territory for free claim are all available, and you can decide just how much you really want to rough it in the wilderness! Many wilderness survival camps and training courses are held in Colorado through the CMC, too.

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